Wednesday, April 04, 2001

Rammstein: Scary? Do you remember a couple of years ago when Rammstein had that fluke MTV hit "Du Hast"? You remember, the heavy song with the grey-tinged secret-agent-being-tortured video? MTV translated the title as "You Hate"? Ringing any bells?

I'd like to officially announce that the people at MTV are KNOW-NOTHING IDIOTS. "Du Hast" does NOT mean "You Hate". It means "You Have". Here are the translated lyrics (paraphrased, because a literal translation makes no sense):

You have
You have me
You have asked me
You have asked me and I have said nothing

Do you want be together until death do us part,
True to each other for all days?


Do you want be together until death do us part,
In love even on the bad days?


Isn't that scary? The aggravting thing is that if the people compiling the copy read by the VJ's had spent more than three seconds calling up their friends who studied German for a semester, they wouldn't have looked so stupid. GRR. (The reason I'm dredging up this old nonsense? Rammstein has a new album coming out soon.)