Thursday, June 21, 2001

By the way... Did I mention that Freaky Trigger is back, complete with:
- reviews of Rooty, Amnesiac, 10,000 Hz Legend, and Moulin Rouge;
- Otis Wheeler's Third Door;
- a Pop Art interview with Momus;
- 24 hours of MTV with Mike Daddino (is he MAD?)
- the fourth Freaky Trigger Focus Group (including commentary from Yours Truly);
- A sleek and slick new look that has me seething with jealousy?
I didn't? Well, it is. Go, click, and be merry!
Aaliyah pushes boundaries further on radical new album: I'll admit that "We Need A Resolution" had begun to grow on me, but when I first heard it my overall reaction was that the Aaliyah/Timbaland synergy had just about dissipated. Apparently Aaliyah's been feeling the same way, because she's brought in a group of unknowns to produce the majority of her new album. She's also doing some deranged song about rape and cannibalism. WTF? I might buy this one. At the very least, it will go on the Amazon wish list.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

One Inch Punch has redesigned and looks really, really cool. I'm all jealous and stuff.

I got really excited the other day because MTV played the video for Craig David's "Fill Me In". This is a song I was largely ambivalent towards until approximately three weeks ago, at which point some switch in my brain was flipped and I just went googly for it. It's really all about the choruses; the dull-as-dishwater verses would really benefit from the sparkly two-step beat that propels the choruses into the stratosphere. I am in love, I don't care what you say...

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

What a girl wants: Psychotherapy. I dare anyone to try convincing me that that is not a cry for help. Maura pegged the Dee Snyder connection over on NYLPM; apparently the first thing Christina isn't going to take anymore is her medication.

NME is chock-full of goodness today. A sampling:

Stereophonics and Feeder bottled off at Imola Festival
Ash music makes Havana roof collapse
Insane Clown Posse star in arrest drama
Also, today's Tabloid Hell references the unfortunate Mecha-Christina, but doesn't provide you with a picture like I did (even if I did steal it from someone else).

Monday, June 18, 2001

What a way to start the week! Some account of the weekend shenanigans involved in Ally's Boston visit will go up at some point. As an appetizer, here's a fairly hilarious link pulled off of the I Love Everything board about Nad's. (No, I won't explain further. Just click on it.)