Thursday, August 02, 2001

Carey suffers "breakdown": I now feel slightly bad about making all those cracks about Mariah Carey being in the process losing her mind. I feel worse knowing that I have no degree in psychology and I don't even know her, yet I could see that there was something wrong with her and that she needed help.

I'm really nervous now; if Mariah had a breakdown, what's going to happen to Christina Aguilera? I mean, Christina has been slavishly mimicking Mariah's career at a frighteningly accelerated pace. (If you don't believe me, compare their singing voices, particularly their phrasing and the way they riff songs. Now, look at how quickly Christina went from "girl next door" to "trashy hip-hop sexpot and dubious fashion sense" compared to Mariah.) Christina's next career move in her attempt to outdo Mariah might be to try to kill herself, which would NOT BE COOL.

Allegedly, everyone on the globe is seperated by only six people. I therefore urge everyone who reads this site to tell everyone they know that Christina needs help before she experiences a thermonuclear meltdown. Hopefully word will get back to her people and they can do something for her before she winds up as Mariah's roommate.

Chubby Checker, Nobel Laureate? Fred Solinger's blog may be gone, but his influence still spreads across the Web as a force of good. Were it not for him, I wouldn't know the following:
Dancing Apart to the Beat is the dance that we do when we dance apart to the beat of anybody's music and before "Chubby Checker" it could not be found!
Thanks, Fred!

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Musical HELL: Have you ever wanted to run into a studio and slap everyone involved for even contemplating creating a godawful, ill-conceived collaboration and inflicting it upon the world? If you know which recording studio David Bowie and Puff Daddy are using to craft the aural equivalent to Satan's misbegotten son, I beg you to succumb to this impulse. Eventually you will be branded a hero.
Preach on, my brother! Fellow NYLPM contributor David Raposa has just made an excellent post that highlights why MuchMusic is so awesome. I will not sleep until the world realizes the might of this network. MTV can bite me; Canada's where it's at!

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Many apologies: I am a lazy, lazy man. It's kind of funny how quickly the blogging rush wears off; four months ago, I was convinced that every little thought that crossed my mind was devastatingly funny and deserved to be shared with my legion of readers (aka Mom and Dad). Now, I actually do have a significant number of people coming to this site and I can't even write up a promised report about a couple of concerts I actually performed in. Part of it is Real Life suddenly deciding to flip into turbo mode; my wife and I have just moved into a new condo and things at work are significantly heavier now that August and its associated deadlines are almost here. Also, I don't have as much money to buy CDs as I used to AND my bandwith for downloading stuff has become laughable. I'm out of the loop on a lot of things.

Fret not; this is not a long-winded goodbye message. This is merely an explanation for the lack of updates. I will not promise daily updates, as things are too hectic now for me to seriously make that kind of comitment, but i will write up that "Carmina Burana" concert before the end of this week if it kills me.

(BTW, if anyone has a good idea for a fantastic-yet-inexpensive wedding gift, please mail me. I 've got two weddings this month and haven't even begun shopping yet. Eek.)