Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Many apologies: I am a lazy, lazy man. It's kind of funny how quickly the blogging rush wears off; four months ago, I was convinced that every little thought that crossed my mind was devastatingly funny and deserved to be shared with my legion of readers (aka Mom and Dad). Now, I actually do have a significant number of people coming to this site and I can't even write up a promised report about a couple of concerts I actually performed in. Part of it is Real Life suddenly deciding to flip into turbo mode; my wife and I have just moved into a new condo and things at work are significantly heavier now that August and its associated deadlines are almost here. Also, I don't have as much money to buy CDs as I used to AND my bandwith for downloading stuff has become laughable. I'm out of the loop on a lot of things.

Fret not; this is not a long-winded goodbye message. This is merely an explanation for the lack of updates. I will not promise daily updates, as things are too hectic now for me to seriously make that kind of comitment, but i will write up that "Carmina Burana" concert before the end of this week if it kills me.

(BTW, if anyone has a good idea for a fantastic-yet-inexpensive wedding gift, please mail me. I 've got two weddings this month and haven't even begun shopping yet. Eek.)