Sunday, April 01, 2001

My new obsession: MTV held a PopStars marathon today. I had been avoiding the show because, well... I saw one epsiode of "Making The Band". The scars haven't healed yet. It was so painful seeing these idiots given the chance of a frickin' LIFETIME and watching them consistently screw up. I wanted to reach into the TV and punch each of them in the face (except the guy they brought in to replace the one who left; you know, the guy who could really sing and dance and actually wanted to work). The last thing I needed to see was "Making The Band... With GIRLS!"

It was pretty clear from the beginning that PopStars was different, though. First off, they went through the entire audition process. We got to see where each of the girls started and how hard they had to work to do everything they needed to do. And this was another thing: THE GIRLS ACTUALLY WORKED. There was no whining about, "Ooooo, we haven't slept. Oooooo, we didn't have enough time to rehearse. Oooooo, I can't sing that part, let me take it down. Oooooo, I can't learn the dance steps, so I won't try." These girls said, "Damn, this is hard, but I've gotta do it if I want this to work." Rock ON. These girls deserve everything they're getting because they are working their asses off day and night with minimal complaining and maximal determination. The O-Town clan is a group of whiny brats in comparison.

My only complaint about Eden's Crush is that, in the process of getting makeovers, some of the girls have become, well, interchangeable. I swear, when Rosanna, Ana Maria, and Maile are doing their interviews, they're very distinct, but when they're on stage I can't tell which one is which. ESPECIALLY Ana Maria and Maile (sometimes Rosanna has this "Hillary Swank meets Nancy Kerrigan" thing going on that makes her stick out). I mean, they might as well have taken the twins who auditioned, given what they did to them. Right now Ivette is my favorite, partially because shes so cute (*gush*), but mostly because she did West Side Story at La Scala. That impresses all holy hell out of me. Nicole cracks me up, too, because I think that she subconciously believes the she the reincarnation of Beyonce Knowles, despite Beyonce being alive and two years younger than her. (I must say, though, that after 6 hours of hearing "Get Over Yourself", I'm struck by how much it sounds like "No Scrubs" and I would be very pleased if I never heard it again. I still want to watch the video, though.)

Hey, I did tell you I was obsessed...