Monday, March 26, 2001

Why I hate people: I just spent 20 minutes downloading an array of mp3's from Napster which claimed to be tracks from the upcoming Tool album Lateralus. Of COURSE they were fakes! I really should have known better, but I'm so desperate hear anything from this album... I suppose I'll have to do with the magical "Recordare Jesu Pie" from Benjamin Britten's War Requiem instead. What breathtaking music! I don't think four-part female singing gets any better than this. The cascading harmonies, the swooping melodies, the gorgeous orchestration... oooh. Of course, it's followed by the remarkably ugly "Confutatis Maledictis" for the men, which just makes the women's part sound even better.

After this, I'll give a listen to Black Box Recorder's The Facts Of Life. I know I like the title track and "Weekend". Let's just see how the rest of the album stands up.