Wednesday, March 28, 2001

MISSY ELLIOT - Get Your Freak On video: (RealPlayer) This NME link will play Missy Elliot's newest video. It's a bizarre mix of hip-hop cliche, idealized psuedo-Eastern mysticism, dank caves, forbidding factories, stutter videography, and completely unnecessary morphing. Of course, it's brilliant. Furthermore, it is a perfect companion for the song's creepy stalker beat, which strikes me as being equal parts "Psycho" and "Dig Dug". The coup de grace, though, is the 30 second coda from a completely different song, complete with what is destined to be the first sing-along hook of the summer. Missy proves once again that any deficiences she has as a lyricist are more than covered by her ear for production and imaginitive videos. (I'm not conviced that I needed to see Missy's neck stretch like that, though.)