Friday, March 30, 2001

Tim has a point: In my irritation at labelling a remix of "One Night In NYC" a new song, I completely overlooked the similarities between the uproar over the song and the "uproar" over Madonna's banned video. Clearly, only minutiae bother me.

You know, it's really bothersome to me that the overall reaction to the recent wave of school violence is to look around for something to ban. Personally, I feel that fixing the sociopathic beliefs that fuel these tragedies by reinforcing to kids that life is precious and actions have consequences would have a much better long-term effect than not allowing a particular piece of pop music to be played. It's easier said than done, particularly by me since I don't have any children. You can bet, though, that when I DO have kids, my wife and I are going to do our best to instill a strong and rational moral code in them before they get to the point where they snap. (It helps that my wife has a psychology degree.)