Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Obligatory Oscar-related post: I have to say that I'm much more sympathetic to Julia Roberts now than I was going into this whole shebang. Her acceptance speech struck me as a great example of what a person should do if he or she wins an Oscar. Seriously. Who wants to see someone being remarkably poised and stately while reading a pre-rehearsed speech? What we want to see is the sheer exuberance Ms. Roberts displayed. We want to see the award winner tell the cut-off man to take a seat and let him/her talk. We want to see an imperfect, off-the-cuff speech that displays real emotion. With that speech, Julia Roberts cemented her spot as America's Favorite Actress in a manner she's been unable to achieve through her movies. Surprisingly, I can't begrudge her that at all. You go, girl.

While I'm on the subject, congrats to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for winning four Oscars. Boo to the Academy for not nominating any of the actors, particularly Ziyi Zhang.