Friday, May 04, 2001

A new day, a new album: I haven't talked about any of the albums I've listened to recently. I should do something about that.

Janet Jackson - All For You
I've read a lot of negative reviews of this album. People are calling it over-produced, unconvincing, cynical chart fodder. I wonder if these reviewers are listening to the same album that I have. I don't hear clinical pandering in this album. I hear Janet sounding fresher and more self-assured than she has since Rhythm Nation 1814. Her singing is stronger, her grooves are groovier, and the image she's putting forward on this album seem much less forced and tacky than she seemed with janet's pained sexuality. The spectrum of emotion is grand, swinging from the carefree summertime disco vibe of "All For You" and "Come On Get Up" to the cold dismissal of "Son Of A Gun", featuring a mildly deranged Carly Simon. The much-vaunted middle section is dirty, sexual, and absolutely perfect. I think people need to get over the shock of hearing Janet say the word "fuck" and roll themselves up in the aural goodness. This is an album that came from a very secure performer at the top of her game. Stop frontin' like you hate it.