Tuesday, May 01, 2001

The end of an era: By now, I assume that most of the people who frequent this site know about the rat-bastards who have hijacked the freakytrigger.com domain name. It's interesting how underhanded, money-grubbing techniques like this can seem funny when applied to a major cultural phenomenon (see survivor.com, although I do acknowledge that their situation isn't precisely the same) but it isn't until they directly impact you or your friends that the outrage sets in. The buffers built into the human psyche are truly astounding.

Anyway. Tom has put up a temporary portal that links to NYPLM and I Love Music, but it seems that CAOTM has also been laid to rest. I'll miss the old Freaky Trigger, but I can't wait to see what shape its next incarnation will take. In the meantime, marvel at the frightening things people want your children to watch, courtesy of Ned.