Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Lookin' for a new love: After rolling with a friend from college down to the Philly area and back (actually some random place in New Jersey... Cherry Hill?), I've reconsidered getting a Rav4. I will now not be content with anything less than a black BMW 330ci coupe.

Rolling up 95 doing 95... oh MAN. Don't you love friends who allow you to drive their PHAAAAAAAAT new rides? Especially when they have radar detectors. Mmmmmm-butter.

My only regret is that Joei has to go to grad school, otherwise I'd cheerfully talk her into the pile of debt that vehicle (or one comparable) would entail. Who needs savings when you've got a Beemer? "Sim-simma, who got the keys to mah Bemmah?" I heart that car like a demon. My only consolation is that if someone scratches my Rav4, I'll merely be pissed as opposed to being honor-bound to hunt down and exterminate every existing branch of the offender's family. (Yes, the car is THAT nice.)

On the downside, it costs $20+ to fill the tank. A small sacrifice for such a lovely hunk of pure sex-metal. Note: I recognize that this is a very "Stupid American!" thing to complain about. Please don't deluge me with email telling me I'm whiny.

I wish I was serious about getting a BMW. Financial planning is your friend, but not mine. Boo-hoo.