Thursday, May 24, 2001

Cradle of Filth to cover goth legends on new album: I discovered Cradle of Filth through the ever-helpful monthly CMJ music sampler. They are truly frightening in a hysterically funny way. Their music is a hilarious mish-mash of every goth cliche you can think of, from the frenetic guitar licks that sound like they were recorded at the bottom of a well to the overbearing drums to the "You can't be serious!" vocal flailings of the lead singer. Despite all of this, some people take them seriously. What a terrifying world we live in.

I'm really looking forward to hearing exactly what they intend to do that Sisters of Mercy song. I may need to put on some Depends before listening to it, but listen I will. TANGENT: Looking for a link for Depends Undergarments led me to this. FEAR.