Friday, March 16, 2001

mmm Razormaid I love you: I first learned about Razormaid via a newsgroup called during my freshman year of college. The entire concept of a music collective doing DJ-exclusive remixes of my favorite dance tunes made me insanely jealous. I wanted them to put out compilations so that I could, say, get cool versions of the Nitzer Ebb songs we used to scare people with during high school. ("FORCE IS MACHINE! MUSCLE!") Sadly, these were vinyl releases only and I, being a poor college student, had no turntables.

Several years have since gone by and I decided to take a gander at the Razormaid website to see what's going on with them. Hmm, custom-made CDs? That's Grreat! $32 per CD? Are they mad? Well. depending on the goodies they're mutating now, that might be worth it. Let's see... SHOCK! HORROR! Enrique Iglesias????

Another illusion from my youth lies in tatters. *sob*