Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Madonna's controversial new video is slightly less controversial than a fuzzy kitten. Yes, even after reading the description, I fell for the hype and taped the damn thing. I've seen more violence on an average subpar action series. (Say, for example, "Nash Bridges".) Scratch that; I've seen more irresponsible violence on the MTV shows "Jackass" and "The Andy Dick Show". The entire thing screams "thinly-veiled PR stunt" to me.

Oh, you want to know if it was any good? Surprisingly, it's great. The remix has nice phase effects, great beat, interesting (if banal) sample, and some lovely swooshy trance-synths. Plus, most of the lyrics have been excised in favor of the overall sound collage. The video itself is hilarious. Madonna on a controlled-fury binge is very entertaining to watch, particularly when she's nonchalantly strolling up to the hapless man at the ATM machine with her taser all aglow. Another funny thing (which every news story failed to mention) is that Madonna has an aged female relative in the car with her as she goes on her rampage. Perhaps the funniest moment in the video is a flashback to this woman preparing for Madonna to pick hey up by strapping on metal shin guards and a breastplate underneath her clothing. However, the best thing about the video is the complete lack of a cowboy motif and absolutely no dancing Madonna. This alone makes this the best video she's done since "Bedtime Story".

DAN'S RATING: The video is GRREAT! The media circus is GRRATING.