Thursday, September 05, 2002


This is the point where my brother disowns me, I think. This is one of the greatest tracks ever recorded. I didn't think she could top the madness of "Get Ur Freak On"; shows how little I know. A sample kicks things off imploring the DJ to pick up the phone and take a request, and BOY DOES HE EVER. Simultaneously sexy and threatening, the kickdrum slinks all around the offbeats while a buzzing synth line floats over some wood blocks. Missy spits some of the most ridiculous lines of her career; yes, I do think that "Call before you come so I can shave my cho-cha" beats out "Beep beep/Who got the keys to my jeep?/VROOOOOOOOOOM!" The whole thing is geared towards the party and the dance floor, so much so that I defy ANYONE to listen to it and not nod your head or bounce your shoulders. LONDON CRU: If you are still doing karaoke nights, this must be added to the repertoire (Emma and Sarah could KILL the place with this song!).