Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Time time time, see what's become of me: Okay, so this goes beyond neglect into to plain old ridiculousness. I turn my back to prepare for a world tour and suddenly my blog doesn't get updated for a month. THIS WILL NOT DO.

Anyway, I'm back from Europe. It was tons and tons of fun, with highlights being some stellar concerts in Germany and meeting some UK folks I've only previously known online for a mad karaoke evening (click here for the madcap results; Emma and Sarah remain to this day eternal heroes of mine).

What's happened while I've been gone? Aaliyah died (GRR.) in a manner that was unexpected and shocking. My wife and I have celebrated our second wedding anniversary. (She got a watch, I got a money clip. Aren't we fancy?) I've come to know some members of the Tanglewood festival Chorus much better than I ever thought possible. (I also managed to piss some people off, but there are no surprises there.) I finally got the Stanton Warriors mix CD, which is about 8 million times better than I thought it was going to be. I've order DSL and will soon have hyper-speedy connectivity at home along with a potentially new home for this site, which would allow a redesign that incorporated GIFs and MP3s of songs I've written. I still love my car. I may audition for another chamber group. Serena Williams beat Lindsey Davenport to get past the quartefinals in a Grand Slam event for the first time this year. Things are a whirl of possibilities and I coldn't be happier (or more nervous).

In other shocking news, the new P. Diddy single doesn't suck. Okay, he still can't rhyme his way out of a paper bag, but the beat is tight.