Wednesday, September 19, 2001

The Cure to re-record hits in acoustic form for new 'Best Of' album: The new single drops at the end of October: ROCK. I don't care how much the import costs; if that's the only way to get the bonus disc, I'm there. One thing bugs me about the track listing. I know it's a "greatest hits" package and all, but it just doesn't scan. How can they justify including "Mint Car", but leaving off "The Walk", "Fascination Street", and "A Letter To Elise"? What happened to "Killing An Arab"? (Although, in light of recent events combined with the average person's complete lack of Camus knowledge, it's probably for the best that they left that one off.)

My personal "greatest hits" compilation for the Cure would probably look something like:

Plastic Passion
Another Day
A Forest
At Night
Siamese Twins
The Figurehead
Let's Go To Bed
Shake Dog Shake
Piggy In The Mirror
How Beautiful You Are...
Like Cockatoos
Hot Hot Hot!!!
The Same Deep Water As You
From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
Jupiter Crash
Gone! (Ultraliving mix)
Out Of This World
The Loudest Sound
Probably too long and definitely heavy on "downer" songs, yet still representative of their overall output and, most importantly, made up completely of songs which have, at one point or another, been my favorite Cure song. Still, I'd toss that aside in a heartbeat for an official B-side and rarity compilation. Or even a collection of the best versions of "Forever".